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Super 8
Actors: Ron Eldard
Andrew Miller
Kyle Chandler
Gabriel Basso
Elle Fanning
Zach Mills
Jessica Tuck
Director(s): J.J. Abrams
IMDB Rating:7.3 out of 10 (108608 votes)

Super 8 (Hi Def)

Resolution:  1920x800 px

Quality: HD 1080

Total Size: 7820 Mb

Super 8 (Hi Def)

Resolution:  1920x800 px

Quality: HD 1080

Total Size: 7820 Mb

Story Line

Plot Summary:

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

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(2012-03-09 18:27:19)

Nostalgia at it's best!

'SUPER 8': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five) Nostalgia at it's best! 'SUPER 8' is a great throwback to the 80'ssci-fi kids films that inspired it. Just like producer StevenSpielberg's classic flicks from that decade. Writer/director J.J.Abrams has been quoted by many to be the next Spielberg and with thisfilm I think he definitely lives up to that representation (alsofollowing the very impressive 'STAR TREK' reboot from 2 years ago). Themovie is a classic coming of age film mixed with adventure and sci-fi,much like many of the great films of the 80's like 'E.T.', 'THEGOONIES', 'EXPLORERS', etc.. The film stars a group of mostly unknownchild actors like Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths (both in their filmdebut roles) as well as Elle Fanning, Zach Mills, Ryan Lee and GabrielBasso. It's complete fun popcorn entertainment with equally impressiveparts of alien action flick adventure and emotional coming of agedrama.The movie is set in 1979 when 13 year old Joe Lamb (Courtney) just losthis mother to a work accident. It flashes forward four months to whenJoe is helping his three friends make a zombie movie on Super 8 film.The director of the flick Charles (Griffiths) asks one of the mostbeautiful and popular girls at his school, Alice (Fanning), to star inhis film because he has a crush on her (I know this move pretty well).Once filming Joe and Alice hit it off instead though, much to Charles'disappointment. While filming at a local train station the five kidswitness a train wreck and capture glimpses of it on film. When peoplebegin disappearing and strange occurrences keep occurring the kids findthemselves involved in something well over their heads.The movie is whimsical and very adventurous as well as touching andfull of strong character driven drama. It works best as a coming of agefilm, despite the cool effects and thrilling action scenes. The mysteryand surprises touted in the advertisements are nothing more than amarketing gimmick. The film is pretty straight forward traditional filmtelling and pretty much everything you'd expect from the trailers goinginto it. The previews did a good job of not giving away too much of thefilm or revealing the monster to you but there's really no mysteryhere. Just a good old fashioned kids monster movie. The effects areimpressive and the action scenes are well shot and edited, nevershowing you more than you need to see until the big payoff at the end.The drama builds at the same rate as the action though and the twoclimaxes occur at the same time (which is the way all great films likethis should play out). Spielberg of course set the mold for films likethis, Shyamalan and others have followed to great results. This isanother masterpiece in the same league. It will probably disappointthose looking for something more (in the way of action and specialeffects) but for movie nerds like myself it fulfills everything aboutcinema we grew up loving.Watch our review show 'MOVIE TALK' at:


(2012-03-09 09:19:36)

What happened?!

My husband and I went to see this after one of our kids said theyenjoyed it. We sure wanted to like it. After viewing the film however,enjoy is not exactly a word we could really use of our experience, butwe certainly thought there was some fine acting by several of the youngpeople in the movie, especially the lead boy and the girl, thefilm-maker boy and the fire cracker kid. There was a lot of excitingbut confusing action in the story and not enough emphasis on filling usin (as far as we could see) as to what the "alien" had been through incaptivity on Earth - so to us the very valid point of view of the alienand his sympathetic scientist-friend seemed lost in the shuffle for themost part. We had a lot of questions such as what exactly was the aliendoing with those humans he captured? And why did the space ship fallapart into cubes? And what is the relationship between the magneticissues and the water tower? This made the end a bit puzzling, althoughit tried hard to be poignant. The plot sort of reminded me of a "StarTrek" episode where mining operations were interrupted on a planetbecause a "monster" was killing the miners, until Spock did a"mind-meld" with the "beast" and found out it was a desperate mothertrying to protect her children in their eggs. She would stop killingand help the miners get the ore they wanted from the shells, if they'dstop killing her babies.


(2012-03-09 03:28:36)

Enjoy it for what it is.

If you dive deeper into the reviews for this film, you'll find anextraneous amount of people who like to bash this film for thecomparisons to E.T.. While I do agree, that there are some minimalcomparisons, it is not the same movie, by any means. If you drop theidea that this was produced by Spielberg, you can take into account;the throwbacks to classic Sci-fi/Horror films of the 50's. It's like aB-movie with a larger budget, if that makes sense. The atmosphere isdramatic and brooding, and the lingering tension is just riveting. Withthat said, the creature is nothing special to look forward to(typicalAbrams), and the recurring archetypes are sort of gimmicky, but itstill holds up brilliantly, nonetheless. Is it campy? Sure. But it's afantastic specimen of a tribute that immerses you within theimaginative, yet classically submissive setting of the classic ScienceFiction theater. So, the complaining about E.T. should stop sometimesoon, because this film is great.


(2012-03-08 06:55:12)

Huge Disappointment

One thing is to create a good story which JJ clearly can do, another isto direct and make good movies out of them. I always thought MI3sucked, just like MI1 and MI2 for that matter. So, when Star Trek cameout, it was a good surprise to me, and started to consider JJ adirector I should pay more attention to. Now, he made a dull, flatmovie again, where even the story is empty, and don't know what tothink of him again. The similarities with Spielberg exist, but onlywith the modern one, that in the last decade only managed to make halfdecent movies (except Munich, which is good), and not the 80'sSpielberg, that would leave us in magic and wonder in almost everyscene. I can't understand how it got such a high score at IMDb. Hope JJdoes better next time


(2012-03-08 00:35:27)

a perfect throwback to the era of ET!

Super 8 is one of the best summer kid movies in ages. In fact, it is athrowback to ET, The Goonies and other movies Spielberg (and Joe Dante)made so deftly in the 1980's. Amazingly, the movie set in the gatewayto the 1980's: 1979. We begin with 12-year-old Joe (Joel Lamb) and hisfather, Jack (Kyle Chandler) dealing with the death of their mother andwife, respectively. As school lets out four months later, Joe wants towork with his friends, Charles, (Riley Griffiths), Cary (Ryan Lee),Preston (Zach Mills) and Martin (Gabriel Basso). The odd man (or woman)out is Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning) who wants to join them for a fewscenes. They all meet at midnight to shoot a scene as a train passesby. Then, the train is derailed in a spectacular crash. Strangely, itwas caused by someone deliberately driving on the tracks towards thetrain. It turns out to be their Jr. High Science Teacher who warns themto not say anything to protect themselves and their parents. The AirForce responds unusually fast - leaving the town police force (now ledby Joe's father, Jack) in the dark of their work. At that same time,people, dogs, appliances, and car parts mysteriously disappear.Something is wondering the woods. Something escaped. Somethingdangerous. Or is it the Air Force that's dangerous. So much works forthis film - mostly in story and acting. The kids involved pull offgreat performances, especially from newcomer Joel Courtney who takesthe lead. He plays the role so well, shifting from friend with a bunchof Jr. High kids and an adolescent suffering from a lost mother andestranged father. Alice has her own problems stemming from her dad.Amazingly, all of them are intertwined in the drama that unfoldsevenly. Another strength is the special effects, which are used as abackground to the story as opposed to being the feature. This isrelated to the creature that is not fully seen until close to the end.And the story related to the alien is not as predictable as the onewith the humans. More than anything else, though, it captures themindset of seventh graders as they wonder through adolescence. Theconversations have the same quick-wit and unfocused meandering in kidsof that age. Everyone knew a Cary who liked to blow things up and playwith fireworks. We knew a Charles as the bossy kid who has a passionateproject. I did have two strikes against the movie: the third act was alittle disjointed and did not provide cohesiveness. Also, the endingwas a little abrupt. And while some people complain the ending was alittle over-the-top, I think they forget the flying bicycles in E.T.Still, overall, it is far better than most summer movies of late. Notto say there are some good summer movies, but this one outshines mostof them because Super 8 relies more on story and character instead ofoverblown special effects. It has the feel of a 1980's Spielberg movieand is taken in the same spirit. J.J. Abrams is one of the bettertalents who seems to have grown instead of stagnating and backslidinglike M. Night Shyamalan. I look forward to Abrams next project ... aslong as it is not a sequel to Super 8. Evren Buyruk

(2012-03-07 04:59:30)

traditional Speilberg fare

This review is from: Super 8 (Amazon Instant Video) It won't disappoint. Captures the magic,but could have used better lighting to expose and dwell on the creature longer. After all it was a high dollar production.


(2012-03-06 22:53:06)

Pretentious, Over-hyped and Overrated!

pretentious, overrated and over-hyped. abrams, stop putting goddamnedlens flares in almost every damned night scene, it's goddamneddistracting and doesn't make the scene look cool, only cheapens thelook actually.The story is uninspiring, so was the creature design which seemed likea rehash of the cloverfield monster, plus the climactic confrontationat the end was underwhelming to say the least. "Live" you say? Wellthat's what it's been doing all along wasn't it now.Now you may say it's the ET(which i haven't watched to this day, not mycup of tea) of this generation or what not and I may have only missedout on the nostalgia or something, but this just felt like arun-of-the-mill movie with no real lasting appeal. It felt more like anextra-long episode of spielberg's Amazing Stories at best.

(2012-03-06 04:44:28)


You will know what is going on long before this movie "reveals" it. I got bored and distracted 1/3 of the way through. I am very sorry I bought it. Rent this one if you have to, but don't expect too much. The acting is good, as are the effects, but it never, ever, astonished me. It was more like waiting around for it to finally end.


(2012-03-05 19:30:32)

Super CRAP

I did not have any expectations when I went to watch the movie and eventhen I thought it was a complete waste of time. The plot just gotdumber and dumber and finally it ended. If you are a 6 yr old who hasnever seen a monster movie in your life you might like it. Other thanthat it's just crap. If you have seen the trailer you have seen thebest parts of the movie, so don't bother watching it. I'm not evenclear how Steven Spielberg could make such a pathetic movie?? We arenot in 1980's anymore so he should stop bringing in those elements. Itjust doesn't work. Not with the sci-fci genre.In short, the film starts out with a bunch of kids wanting to make amovie, they experience a horrible train crash and then everything goesawry from there. The monster/alien is supposedly attacking people, butwhen he approaches a kid and gets a 5 min sensitive talk the alienpacks his bags and leaves earth??? That's got to be lame. On top ofthat, put in a couple of sleazy jump scenes with loud noises and that'sabout it. The only positive thing about the movie is the train accident scene.


(2012-03-05 11:14:41)

Super 8... worst movie of this year !!!

SPOILER ALERT ALL OVER This is a movie I wanted to see. I am regretful.Premise sound good: A bunch of kids, doing a home made movie witness atrain wreck which eventually will unfold a mystery. Movie starts wellbut quickly wears his charm out. Abrams use - and abuse of - all thefrights and startles written in the "scary movie" book while he tries -in vain - to create some suspense in his own screenplay. Becausescreenplay is where the big problem lies... There is no backgroundstory to explain the main characters interaction, much less theirparents. In top of that the creature's story is also severely underdeveloped and we have to settle to some takes showing it trapped insome kid of laboratory taken out of a 50's B movie. We will not knowhow the thing crashed its ship, how these inept military guys were ableto keep it trapped, how Dr. Woodward was able to know the exact routeof the train - and don't tell me is telepathic connection. Also how ispossible that this derailment takes about two minutes in screen - dothese guys know anything about basic physics ? - but most of all: HOWIS POSSIBLE DR WOODWARD SURVIVES A FULL FRONTAL CRASH AGAINST A TRAINWITH HALF OF HIS TRUCK'S CAB AND JUST MINOR INJURIES ? I also will not say anything about the military showing in the scenejust two minutes after the crash happened - great transportation - orabout the late appearance of the creature, or the guns firing it selvesor about the creature killing everybody but the main character (oh!...telepathy). But please somebody explain why this "mystery" movie isconsidered a Spielberg homage or why has 7.5 at IMDb... The onlymystery for me is how I was fooled to watch this stupid piece of crap.


(2012-03-05 03:01:08)

Abrams + Spielberg - Spielberg.

This is a great, very interesting and different film.Original, fresh, valiant, a classic movie concept which grantsentertainment for all the family, ironically a concept that was lost intime, at least, 20 years ago. Trust me, this film if full of magic.What I want to say is that this movie has enough mature content forbeing considered "just for kids" and, in the other hand, it has thenecessary sense of humor and limits in visual violence in order tosatisfy the youngest without boring the adults.The direction is awesome. Everything is well fitted, the camera isalways well located, the sense of rhythm is brilliant, but it's in thework with actors, specially with the youngest where Abrams does hisbest.In my opinion, casting unknown actors has been a triumph. Elle Fanningactually is an incoming superstar, but the other children are totallyunknown for the average public, and all of them do an incredible work.It seems that they aren't acting, trust me.The setting in latest 70's USA small town is also a good point. Perfectcostume, location and make-up that help you getting into the movie.About the plot... the story is OK, the dialogues are well built,sometimes brilliant and funny, but there are few (always in my opinion)mistakes that didn't satisfy me at all.As I've said before, this is a great film, but it's not, unfortunately,an immortal, masterpiece, all-time classic, and I'll try to explainwhy: -First of all, I have to say, that if I were 12-14 years old Iwould give this film a 10 out of 10, but I actually have 31, and myduty is to be, as much as I can, objective.-Abrams's work is unbeatable, I can't say anything else, but there isthe Spielberg factor. Spielberg is "the master", the director andproducer who has never done a bad film, but also an artist with somebad habits that he can't avoid and his touch can be sensed in theentire movie.Then, if you mix Abrams and Spielberg's magical touch, the result is atrue masterpiece, but if you add the last one's bad habits, which areclearly shown in the film's last ten minutes and some story's weakpoints ( I thinks that it's is unnecessary to spoil anything, justwatch it and you'll see that those little flaws are clear) the resultis a great film, sometimes outstanding, but never perfect.In conclusion, an excellent and fresh film, not perfect just for fewdetails, but always recommendable for the entire family. One of thisyear's best films, much better than the average level of our daysfilming. And the most important thing: don't forget it, this movierecovers a style from a time where the cinema was magic.

The Upcoming

(2012-03-04 08:56:10)

A film with a mighty big heart, and every inch in the right place. A modern classic in the making and amongst the year's best.

As summer marches on and the remakes, reboots and adaptations continueto fill our silver screens, we are treated to the occasional little gemand this year's big-budget yet kind hearted feature comes in the formof J.J. Abrams' Super 8.Set in the small fictitious town of Lillian, Ohio, in 1979, Super 8follows Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) and his group of friends making azombie film on a Super 8 camera. After convincing Alice (Elle Fanning)to get involved with the project, the group sets off to continuemovie-making. During a shoot, a devastating train crash occurs, leavingmountains of burning rubble and debris. Suddenly somethingunexplainable bursts from the fiery ruins and sets its heart on causinghavoc to the town. The group decides to pursue this strange mysteryvillain and aims to save Lillian from this threat.Super 8 mixes 80s sci-fi classics E.T. and Close Encounters of theThird Kind.Super 8 mixes sci-fi classics E.T. and Close Encounters of the ThirdKind.Many have compared this picture to film director and producer StevenSpielberg's earlier works including E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and other 80s escapistpictures such as The Goonies (1985). Some critics also have accusedSuper 8 of being a carbon-copy of Spielberg's films.Granted there are similarities between this picture and some of theabove, but Super 8 should be compared to actor, director, producer,writer Rob Reiner's masterpiece Stand By Me (1986) – although the filmlacks any Sci-Fi element, Super 8 is about friendship, about life andlearning through experience; the group of boys set out to find a bodyand consequently find themselves along the way.The film's life lives with its characters. The public follows the groupof children throughout and finds comfort in their presence. As withmany films where children lead, the group is slightly type-cast (thefat one, the geeky one, the brave one, the mad one and so on), but thetype-casting and formatting ends there. Thankfully Abrams knows theimportance of character and development. Each member of the group isrounded, dimensional and interesting, as well as being frequently funnyand effortlessly charming. Director JJ Abrams' fantastic script givesthe group believable and naturalistic dialogue, so yes the kids doswear, quite a bit actually but that's how youngsters talk.Super 8 has been dubbed a family film too by some. I'd slightly argueagainst this – there are certain themes and messages here that areclearly aimed for the family audience: imagination, wonder, explorationand so forth, but there is also a lot of 'adult' material, and I don'tjust mean the language. A key narrative theme throughout is loss; thefilm opens with the funeral of Joe's mother and ideas of loss andmisplacement are heavily implied throughout – even everyone's dogs runaway. The film is also 'quite' scary and violent in places; there's nogore and just a very tiny amount of blood but the first hour isweighted in tension and suspense, something that may either terrify orbore smaller viewers. I would not see any particular harm in letting anunder 12 watch it, just maybe not if they are under 8 or 9.As well as a brilliant group of characters and a cracking script, thefilm also sports some wonderful cinematography and breath-takingspecial effects. The train crash is incredible and one of 2011's bestCGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) sequences - the epic pyrotechnics,flying carriages and deafening sounds make it a stand-out scene in thisgrand work. What is even better about the CGI is that there is verylittle of it. After the train, there isn't much more catastrophicaction until the picture's climax, but filling that void is easy due tojust how good the young actors are. The picture's duration simply fliesby.Every performance is strong with Fanning and Riley Griffiths, who playsCharles Kaznyk (the fat one), being the show-stoppers. The pair bringcharisma, skill and productiveness to their roles. Courtney is alsogreat as Joe and does very well with carrying the emotional sequencesas well as the escapist elements.Super 8 is certainly a homage rather than a 'suck-up'; it's a homage tosimpler times, better cinema and the sense of awe and magic that sweptthrough youth. If any film is going to embrace and bear-hug your innerchild for 112 minutes, it's this. Abrams has crafted some unforgettablecharacters, a gripping and often tense environment and has breathedlife back into retro science-fiction.Verdict: ●●●●● Read more on


(2012-03-03 20:18:56)

Maybe it was just me but what is the point of this movie?

When i walked out of the cinema with my dad and brother i have to admiti was a little confused. They both thoroughly enjoyed the movie but ifound it a little pointless. To begin i would say the acting in the movie was very good for youngchild actors, and i really enjoyed that aspect of the movie.Furthermore the graphics were UNBELIEVABLE as we have come to expectfrom proper producers like Spielberg the graphics were incredible, andthe derailing of the train early on in the movie is one of the bestdestruction scenes ever. the relationships between the two families of the lead girl and leadboy were very shallow, didn't build that connection nearly enough leftloving hug and make up at the end seem a little redundant.What was the morale of the movie? i generally like movies that don'tfall into the 'boy meats girl' or 'chosen one' category but in thiscase i simply couldn't work out what the movie was trying to say apartfrom maybe don't judge a book by its cover.Definite throwback to Spielberg classics such as E.T where the alienalways turns out to be just a little unloved and misunderstood. Alsothe constant repetition of the Spielberg/ Michael bay Esque techniqueof having quiet and then a huge explosion of noise got quite annoyingby the end of the movie.So i would say that it wasn't a bad movie but these problems infuriatedme into not really thoroughly enjoying it, in any case i think that arating of 8/10 is a little high for this movie. However i would adviseseeing this movie.BTW i know Spielberg only produced this movie and didn't direct it


(2012-03-03 09:02:46)

Fun and touching like E.T.

Young & very talented cast, Abrams skillful direction, fun dialog brings magic to the screen. Film about the love of filmmaking has sense of wonderment. It addresses love, loss, forgiveness & hope. Unlike E.T., this alien was presented with scary glimpses & sounds for most of the film. He's creepy & not very pretty. In fact, if you take young people to the film, you might want to warn them about that. But in the end, you learn he is not what you think. Like E.T., he's scared & wants to go home. This is a great addition into science fiction film catalogs for the young & the young at heart. Effects are excellent, creature design is imaginative, set design is spot on, music has iconic moments & shines at the conclusion. Loved the extra stuff as the credits rolled. Great summer film. Congratulations to Abrams & Speilberg for an out-of-this-world collaboration.

(2012-03-03 02:57:19)

Super 8 certainly rivals VHS, and we aren't happy about it

The film is wonderful, one of Spielberg's finest efforts. The fact that it didn't get released in 1979 (when it was made) is downright insane. But, after 32 years it has been released. It is a sci-fi story of a small town rocked by the mysterious after-effects of a model train's derailment amidst a zombie invasion. Simply a great movie to behold.As for the format of Super 8, it certainly rivals VHS, and we aren't happy about it. Many have argued that VHS was not available in 1979, but that cannot be verified. MICHAELmATICIAN has released several Sound Units of/concerning VHS (and never Super 8) from 1979. MICHAELmATICIAN did not comment on Super 8 (the film) and neither has Spielberg. Perhaps in another 32 years someone will speak of this 1979 classic. (Hopefully not J.J. Abrams)2.342 (Jeremy Shingles)

Acks King

(2012-03-02 08:57:34)

Just about alright

The movie could have been much better, but a few things weigh on theend result. The story isn't much really. Same old ship wrecked telepathic alienstuff.The lead actors are just not convincing enough. The acting was okay,but I didn't really care about any of them.As expected, a lot of scenes defy the laws of physics but then with thepremise of this movie, is pardonable.The alien on the other hand was pretty cool.The animation was also pretty much up to the task.Overall, just about another movie which will be forgotten in a hurry.

(2012-03-01 20:07:03)

Great original movie with classic elements

Watching Super 8 was like watching a classic Spielberg film with betterCGI. It felt like The Goonies mixed and Close Encounters. The timesetting really added to the story. It was set in 1979. A group of youngkids trying to make a movie for a local film festival witness a trainwreck and discover a mystery that is taking over the whole town. Wealso get some back stories for the kids, their parents and the alien(yes, there's an alien), but that's the basic premise of it. A few young actors are going to get very famous from this movie. ElleFanning (Alice) gives her best performance yet. The characters werereally fun to see. The variety reminded me of that of The Goonies. Noneof the characters seemed cliché either. Each one took on their own,unique person and did a great job. The movie had a great compelling story for about the first 45 minutes.The train wreck scene was among the best I've seen. After that, themovie seemed to drag a little. There was a lot that could have beenleft out. The only thing that I really had to look forward to wasseeing the alien at the end. The fact that you don't see the alien until the end was a smart move onAbrams' part. When you do see it, it becomes a really emotionalcharacter that has the same needs as a human. You actually get anemotional connection to this creature and that is something that thismove needed. The downside to this is that it makes the movie lessscary. I went into it expecting a good scare and for the most part, itjust gave loud startlers. Super 8 had a few funny and emotional moments. J.J. Abrams said fromthe start that this wasn't supposed to be a huge Summer blockbuster,just a fun, original movie. That's exactly what he gave us. It was alot of fun to watch, even in its slow parts. Besides from a few momentsof bad 3D cinematography, it wasn't difficult to watch. I would saySuper 8 is worth the money and a great original movie. 


(2012-03-01 13:09:58)

Brilliant movie!!

I've seen quite a lot of movies, but I've never watched anything whichliterally made me jump of my seat for its sound effects. This film didthat.Its one of the best movies I've watched in recent times. It was spooky,freaky and humorous, all at the same time. The actors fit the billperfectly, and did an awesome job. I felt that the movie had a messageinfused into it. Plus points are the casting, brilliant screenplay,direction, and the sound effects. I cant think of any negatives. Its afilm to be watched in a theater. I absolutely loved it, I hope you dotoo.For rest of my review, please visit


(2012-03-01 07:43:14)

Abrams Honors Spielberg

Super 8 appears to be J.J. Abrams' way of paying his respects to StevenSpielberg. I was steadily reminded of E.T. and Close Encounters of theThird Kind throughout this film. The community kids are the first todiscover the strange things happening around town, are almost alwaysthe only witnesses to important events, and repeatedly run into theadults who just don't understand.An article in this week's New York Times magazine describes how a youngJ.J. Abrams got a job repairing and editing Steven Spielberg's oldSuper 8 films. That is a great memory to start your new screenplaywith. Five pre-teen kids in an out of the way, small Ohio town aremaking a zombie movie on a Super 8. The boss kid is the director andpersistently updating screenwriter. There is also the nervous leadactor, the kid obsessed with explosives who plays the zombie, and ourfilm's main character, the make-up artist who is also adept at modeltrains and airplanes. While sneaking out at night to work on theirmovie with a newly recruited girl in their mix, the kids witness atrain derailment and so begins the mystery.I will reveal nothing about the train, what was on it, and what happensafter that. Would you have wanted the answer to everything about E.T.and Close Encounters of the Third Kind before seeing them? No way. Justknow that this is not a movie just for the kids. There are genuinelysuspenseful moments, a lot of pre-teen cursing, drug use, some qualityhorror gore, and an overall tight story. It is very refreshing to see asummer movie which is not a franchise continuing sequel or about a newsuperhero. These kids are real and there small town adventure mysteryis well worth it.


(2012-02-29 17:56:38)

The Blockbuster of the Year

This in my opinion is set to become the blockbuster of the year. It's agreat mix of genre's including Sci-fi , Drama , Horror , Fantasy andAdventure. I thought it was like a mixture of the films The Goonies ,Cloverfield , E.T. and Stand by me. I liked the acting from the groupof kids and their cool super 8 zombie movies , the SFX was great andthe creature looked cool even though there was some CGI involved but asyou can imagine with a massive budget the CGI looked good in mostparts.Anyway i really enjoyed this and it really reminded me of the cool 80sflicks that i grew up with so hats off to JJ and SS for making this. Itknocks the socks off other blockbusters like Michael Cash oh sorry imean Bay's Transformers 3 which i haven't seen but don't need to see tomake this comment as nearly everything Bay makes these days is just tomake money.Super 8 is super cool and i think it has something for everyone thatwatches it.

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